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Commercial property is an asset with different objectives for its different users. For the owner/occupier or tenant it is principally one of the factors of production, the shell within which a business operates. For the investor, it is a source of income and aspiration for capital growth. For the developer, it is the opportunity to create something of lasting value and profit. Owners or occupiers of commercial property will at times require a combination of services that Robinson Layer is able to provide. These include: -

For the Occupier: -

  • Property Search & Acquisition
  • Property Disposal, or letting of surplus space
  • Valuation – for balance sheet or loan security
  • Rent Review & Lease Renewal
  • Planning for Extensions & Changes of Use
  • Business Rates – Assessment & Appeal
  • Dilapidation, Maintenance & Repair

For the Investor: -

  • Investment Search & Acquisition
  • Property Management
  • Strategic Advice on Asset Improvement
  • Property Portfolio Consultancy
  • Valuation, Rent Review & Lease Renewal
  • Investment Sale

For the Developer: -

  • Site Identification & Acquisition
  • Development Appraisal
  • Market Demand Assessment
  • Planning Advice
  • Scheme Marketing
  • Funding & Disposal

Fees & Charges

We are prepared to work on a flexible fee basis that will depend upon the nature of the client’s instructions. We will confirm our instructions at the outset setting out clearly our Terms of Business so that the client can be sure of the basis of charging before significant expenditure is incurred. We will suggest an appropriate fee basis that may comprise one - or a combination - of the following:-

  • Hourly Rate – generally appropriate for consultancy work where the likely number of hours can be estimated. We expect to work within pre-agreed limits to ensure that time spent is kept under control and the client need not worry about runaway costs.
  • Percentage of Value – the usual basis for agency work, where a fee related to a percentage of the price or rent is payable, but only upon the exchange of unconditional contracts or completion of the task. This basis can work out higher than alternatives, but has the advantage of being on a “no sale – no fee” basis, so we are taking some of the risk. In this event we expect our directly incurred marketing expenses to be covered, as provided for in a previously agreed marketing schedule.
  • Performance Related – Rent review and rating work can be subject to the vagaries of the market and the timing of the valuation date can result in little or abnormal movement in value between two dates. A straight percentage of value may produce a fee that has little bearing upon the benefit to the client, so we look at the task, consider its difficulty and judge the likely end result, in order to come up with an acceptable formula that rewards success and is proportionate to the added value achieved for the client.

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