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Robinson Layer has developed an effective 10-point Marketing Plan for promoting available properties that we believe differentiates us from our competitors. This is tailored to suit each property and - subject to client’s agreement to the details of the plan and marketing budget - we undertake to carry out the following actions: -

  1. Boards – We consider that boards are probably the most effective component of any marketing campaign and the right message is essential to generate the right enquiries. A colour visual with suggested wording is supplied to the client for prior approval.
  2. Newspaper Advertising – For local properties we suggest monthly advertising in the Commercial Property Supplement of the Cambridge News, usually published on the first Tuesday of each month, and to supplement this we advertise monthly in Business Weekly’s Property and Relocation Supplement. Adverts can either be within our columns or standalone for the larger property. We design all adverts in-house and email these in PDF format to the newspaper, so quality of presentation can be assured. National, regional and specialist advertising can also be considered for specific types of property.
  3. Brochures – We design our own colour particulars in-house and print these on quality light card stock – these are also converted into PDF format for emailing and downloading from our website. Professionally designed and printed particulars can be considered for high value properties.
  4. Internet – All available properties are advertised on this website and full colour particulars can be freely, immediately and automatically emailed to anyone who wants a copy – we keep a record of who is requesting this information, so can monitor the effectiveness of this aspect of the campaign and follow up enquiries. We also can place the property within other relevant websites and we will discuss with you our recommendations and any costs for these.
  5. Mailing – Our brochures are sent out to existing applicants with requirements held on our enquiry database and to any new enquirers during the period of marketing. Additional mailing to targeted groups can also be considered.
  6. Press Releases – A press release with the particulars is sent to the relevant media where the property is newsworthy and when published this is a good form of free advertising.
  7. Pricing – Needless to say, the above points are unlikely to be effective if the price or rent is wrong. We provide advice on pricing and other factors that may inhibit a successful property disposal to ensure that the package is marketable and will produce results.
  8. Viewing - Once interest is generated in the property, we will work towards achieving viewings and a partner of the firm will accompany whenever possible.
  9. Negotiation – All of the terms in any deal are important, not just the price! We will negotiate detailed Heads of Terms with the best prospect, so that solicitors can be clearly instructed on the precise terms of the deal and to avoid last minute misunderstandings between the parties.
  10. Follow Through to a Conclusion – We keep in regular contact with the parties and the solicitors to ensure that the deal goes through.

To discuss the marketing of your property, please contact Mark Robinson for business space properties, or Jonathan Lager for retail properties

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